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TGT Podcast #10 – Thank you Doctor

As we hit our first milestone – 10 episodes! – we’ve decided to do something a bit special for this podcast. And it turned out to be a lot bigger than we expected.

In this week’s podcast, we take a look at how the Doctor has helped people over the years, not just in the show, but also in real life. Andrew and I discuss Vincent and the Doctor and share our own stories about how Doctor Who has helped us cope with our health issues. And as usual, there’s a song by Ben relating to the theme.

We also asked people on Whovians Amino how Doctor Who has helped them and we got an incredible response. Rather than read them all out on the podcast, we have included them all below and selected a few that really touched us to read out on the podcast.

So join us as we say thank you to the Doctor in our own special way:

Below are the comments we received on Whovians Amino:

Doctor who has helped me with confidence. It made me feel like opening out about it to other people and then, next thing I knew they were telling me how much they loved it. Three of my best friends are whovians and it makes me feel a lot better because I have people to talk about the show with.

Ase Abel
I began watching Doctor Who when I was about 5 with my dad (he was British, of course). The first episode I ever watched was “The Pandorica Opens”, a vivid memory. Ever since then, Matt Smith and Doctor Who made an imprint on me, making me love and watch it to this day. When I was about 7 or 8, my parents let me watch it on my own with my Kindle. When new episode come out, my dad and I lock ourselves in ourselves in the basement to watch them back-to-back, nonstop. I’m 11 today and it still holds first place in my favourite shows list. Love you, Doctor Who.

The Doctor has also really helped me through the hard times in my life, and I love him very much for that. It made me want to be myself and be unique.

Randall The Doctor
Doctor who helped me with confidence, now I can act like the Doctor and put a smile on people’s faces. Doctor who has also lead me to my Fiancée. So I think you Doctor Who for making my life better.

It cheers me up when I’m going through the toughest times.

Sami de Maeyer
The thing I’ve learnt is to never be cowardly. never be cruel and love is always wise, hate is foolish.

Doctor Who has helped me with feeling lonely and depressed. My best friend has been away in Japan and isn’t coming back for a while, so I’ve been really sad lately. Watching Doctor Who also helps me with my social awkwardness. I never really cared what people thought of me, but now I’m not as scared to embarrass myself.

For a long time I was getting more and more lonely and I found it hard to get out and talk to people, and do anything that could make me happy, so it actually ended up making me somewhat depressed, but then a girl from my school who is a whovian asked me one day, if I wanted to watch DW with her, and doing that made me able and motivated to crawl back out to the real wonderful world again. So through the amazing creativity of the doctor who universe I got happier and now we very often hang out and talk DW.

I can escape!

Doctor Cammy
If I’m worried about anything I just watch Doctor who and I feel better. I mean one day I will need to worry then regret watching buuuut….

Rose Tyler
I love the new Doctor who with Billie Piper and David Tennant. I have alot issues that I deal with by reading books and Comic Cons are fun.

Aly the Writer
In seventh grade, when I was about 12, I had severe social anxiety, and anxiety in general. I had no friends, as my best friend of about six years had betrayed me the year before. I could have probably been considered depressed even. That’s also when I really started getting into Doctor Who. It was a way for me kind of to escape, I guess.

I actually specifically remember the day I realized I was better. I was standing outside my science class, waiting to go in, and thought to myself “I’m getting better.” While I still love the show, I don’t rely on it like I used to anymore. I don’t need it to be happy anymore, I can watch it because I like it.

I’m 16 and in 10th grade and have Aspergers. Doctor Who changed me as a person it made me go to cons and make new friends with the same likes its made me stop being shy and why I have my girlfriend.

Doctor Who helped keep me grounded when I moved my Sophomore year of High school, where it felt like everything was crumbling around me, cause I always had Doctor Who as something steady to look forward to. And it’s been a great conversation piece for meeting new people and making new friends.

The Mondasian Whovian
I have Autism and Doctor Who helps me because it’s what’s cheers me up when I’m sad or angry. The Doctor Who Soundtracks really Help and are my favourite Music. So yes Doctor Who helps me a lot.

Lexi Chan
It makes me feel really happy and safe. I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved the Christmas Specials.

Doctor who helped me cope with my autism and helped me embrace myself even more. I also like laughing at some of the lines in the show. When i’m bored It helped me get entertained a lot. Not only that it helped me cope with new changes. Since I’m most of the time misunderstood I now have someone to relate to which is the 11th doctor.

I’m a girl suffering from depression and was being bullied. I actually didn’t think I deserved to be anywhere, until Doctor Who made me change my thoughts. It made me feel a bit more confident about myself.

Olivia Oswald
The quotes are really good so I’ve been following them.

Bruce Timelord
For me it changed my life by showing me that life has endless possibilities and gave me an outlet to think, but also when Bow passed away, Doctor Who and this amino helped me keep myself steady so to accept her death and I’m eternally grateful for that

I’m pretty sure without Who, my life would be much emptier and my wallet much fuller.
I found out recently that I have Aspergers which explains my lifelong obsession with all things Who and my need to collect everything I can get my hands on.

It’s very rare that I watch anything other than Doctor Who and even then, my range of watching interest is confined to a few shows, Red Dwarf, Big Bang Theory, the IT crowd and Laurel & Hardy are my main things to watch..

I dabbled in Star Trek for a while when Classic Who was cancelled (although I did have a lot of Who on VHS and Betamax) but in 2005 Star Trek was largely forgotten and I haven’t watched it since.
So, in a nutshell, were it not for Doctor Who, my life would certainly be a lot duller and I would have to do other things like normal people do

I discovered Doctor who when I was not able to walk and was home stuck for a year till my operation. Doctor Who help me to not feel alone, then I discovered this animo and found friends here. I love this place. Doctor who helped me through a time when I was really depressed. Without Doctor Who, which help me so much, and my friends from here, I would be lost.

Doctor Who helped me through the hardest time of my depression and it was the only thing that made fun.

Sekkiera Kleio
Though I’m not mentally ill (or at least not diagnosed), Doctor Who helped me cope with lack of motivation as well as suicidal thoughts. It’s like an anchor, and a way to regain hope. Doctor Who isn’t unrealistically happy (there are hardly ever any complete happy ends), but most things work out alright in the end. And regarding this as a metaphor for live makes everything just a little bit more bearable.

Plus, the Doctor gives me something to believe in – not in the sense of “believing he is real”, but in the sense of his stories, the way he acts – even the fact that he exists, even if it’s only in a TV show (and books. And comics. And audios.) – all that giving me something to cling to when I have a particularly bad day.

I’m also autistic. The Doctor taught me to love and accept myself. I’ve came out of my shell a lot in the past few years and have made many friends because of this show. That’s my story anyway.

The Gallifreyan Buccaneer
Not that I have any mental or physical health issues, but the 3rd doctor really helped me through my first move to a whole new place after my parent’s divorce. I related to him as I too felt marooned somewhere I didn’t want to be and longed to return to what I believed was home, the only life I’d ever known with all of my friends there. But, just like the 3rd doctor, I eventually came to call this new place home, in time.

I stopped wishing to be elsewhere and started to embrace where I was, making new friends and starting a new life. So I thank Pertwee for helping me through this time and allowing me to see the ‘daisyiest daisy’ where I am now.

Ammit the Gallifreyan
I won’t go into detail but if series ten hadn’t aired when it did, I likely would’ve committed suicide. It also just cheers me up when I feel down and is one of the only things I’m passionate about

It’s showed me there is nothing wrong with being different and that you can be a different person through out your life.

Doctor who has helped me out so much. It’s helped me with anxiety and depression on plenty of occasions. Whenever I’m depressed or having an anxiety attack I’ll watch Doctor Who, my favorite Doctor in particular 11, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be 11 to help. It just helps to see someone who understands in a sense, considering the Doctor is the last of his species and lost his friends. His optimism despite the hurt is what helps me keep going! If there’s a problem then he can solve it despite it seeming impossible. The show honestly means so much to me.

Ginger Ninja 47
Doctor Who has helped me discover, particularly the last series, that I’m bisexual. I had had thoughts for a while before the series aired, but the scene with Bill, and the Doctor talking about his man crush on the Master helped me to see that it was alright.

The Doctor has helped me through so much I thought I would never live through. Borderline Personality Disorder, massive depressive disorder, panic attacks, divorce, death. Every time I had problems I would choose a random episode to watch and it would always put me at ease. One of the best things I’ve ever heard was this; “Never cruel or cowardly, never give up, never give in.” That keeps me going every day, always looking up at the stars.

The Doctor has helped me to realise how my life is worth living and helped me to see the world outside of my room.

I began watching Doctor Who a little while before my first break down. From this point I began to be my greatest enemy. I had good and bad days, but nearly everyone of them I was fighting against myself. My social anxiety got worse and my bad mood turned into Depression. But watching Doctor Who gave me a place where I didn’t had to fight and all of the poisonous thought were for this time silent.

Looking back this time of rest I had the strength to fight through the next day. It helped me in the really long time before I got into therapy. Today I am still fighting, but I am getting better and with time I found more places where my mind can rest. I am even play theatre now. I didn’t know where I would be without Doctor Who.

Doctor Who helped me discover all these deep thoughts and feelings that hadn’t been presented to me in a better way before and helped me recognize, appreciate, and continue to act on the extreme love of sci-fi that I had had all along and didn’t realize it

Zack the true 11
Well for me it generally made me a happy person I just love the show it actually got me through some pretty hard times it also is my favorite show hands down I’ve seen old who new who I love them all I always wanted a show that was crazy and fun and just cool that is doctor who It has really helped me through tough stuff

Darth Missy
Doctor Who helped me a lot. I always had problems with Depression and anxiety because of bullying and huge family troubles. Everyone told me I’m stupid and lazy because of my Dyscalculia. I felt lonely and useless. I never thought my life would get better. But when I watched Doctor Who for the first time everything changed. My life didn’t first, but I did. I don’t know how, but it helped me to gain more confidence and it motivated me to fight for a better future.

All the brilliant quotes from this amazing show inspired me a lot. And my favourite character (you all know who that is) helped me even more. Now, more than four years later, my life changed a lot. I life far away from my family now and I even got my dream job. I have a lot of friends and have the chance to travel a lot. But one thing didn’t change: I’m still a Whovian and still obsessed with missy

I’ve had Cystic Fibrosis my whole life, and although it’s hard, I don’t know any different. But when i started having problems with OCD, ICD, and anxiety disorders I didn’t know how to cope, because It was a brand new problem that i didn’t know how to live with. Doctor who inspired me. Every time i felt weak, or about to give in to my obsessions I’d picture the characters from doctor who, i’d repeat lines from the show in my head. It taught me to be strong, and fight. So many quotes and lessons from the show made me who I am today! I feel at peace with myself! I feel happy, and full of ideas! The characters literally improved my life. They thought me lessons I don’t think I would have ever learned by myself, & gave me a new outlook on life.

There was a time that I’d ditch every single one of my classes because my anxiety was so bad. Nobody even knew it was happening, but i was able to fix the problem by thinking about doctor who! I’d remember the lines “don’t run when your scared” and so many other quotes would help me have the courage to sit through class. This show has impacted me in so many ways. I spent Years going to counsellors that didn’t know how to help me. But all it took was a tv show about a madman with a box.

Doctor Who changed the way I viewed my life as a whole throughout the 18-19 years I’ve lived my life so far.

Back then, I used to not care about traveling and felt like my relatives were dragging me and my cousins everywhere.

But as I got older, I found out about Doctor Who at the perfect time, which was at the start of my freshman year of high school.

This show got me through high school and watching the Doctor and his companions traveling and living life to the fullest made me happy.

A year later, I wanted to enjoy traveling after that point and I did by exploring Europe with my family.

Doctor Who right now is helping me cope with depression of not seeing the people I’ve known for years (my friends) as much.

This show is more of a coping mechanism than anything when I didn’t want it to be that.

Ok, well how do I put this? I used to have very severe anxiety and issues with clothes. I couldn’t wear any jeans and I found leggings and skirts hard. My everyday outfit consisted of a shapeless old fashioned dress that was basically like a pillow case with straps. This is obviously really hard for someone in their early teens who is trying to find themselves. I found going to school so hard as I couldn’t cope with the uniform. I came out of school to be home educated about two or three years back and I started to felt really into Doctor Who. I had always watched the SJA, but had never really loved DW.

I started cosplaying Clara Oswald who, back then, was a fairly new companion. Slowly, through cosplay, my wardrobe broadened and I broke free of these issues. I was so determined to look like my favourite characters, that I would stop at nothing to get there. I owe it all to Jenna Coleman and the BBC for being my inspiration. Now, I am rarely out of jeans and all of the things that I couldn’t wear, are now my favourite items of clothing! I would really love it if you included my story. It would be so special to realise that I have reached others through my past struggles.

Chameleon (brokie)
I might be weird but aren’t we all ? I think, I don’t even know yet how much of an impact this show Had on me and will have eventually, but I know it it reminded me that I can write Texts and Poems …and it’s always making me think Differential or from a different point of view .. I think ” that’s a way to Look at it”.

And it’s not just necessarily always The Doctor himself or long time favourite character
For example Dany Pink explainig to Clara you can’t feel hate for someone or Something you really don’t care about was a realization I am now using this Word way less.
Not to forget the Quote at this Episode ending…even though I find it harder to deal with it’s beautiful.

Magical Rose Tyler
I may not have a really bad status, but I was getting bullied since I was 5. I was keeping everything in myself. Tears. Words. It began to be too much, but I still kept it all together. When my internet friend told me about Doctor Who, at first, I had no clue what it is about. She told me, and I thought it would be a good idea to watch it. After a few episodes, I realised I really, really love it. At that moment I was slowly getting to being depressed, so it brightened my mood a bit as I watched.

Then, Doomsdays came. When I saw my favourite character get separated from the Doctor, that really made me cry. I started crying so badly. Not only because of Rose. Also because I thought about the bullying. The words. I finally got it all out. I also got inspired. In further episodes, as I saw Rose, she said she built a machine just to get to the Doctor. She never ever gave up. And it happened. That made me believe in myself. It made me stay strong. To sort this all out: Doctor Who helped me to believe. To keep fighting. And that’s why I’m thankful.

I’m not ill, no mental issues. But it helped me in my darkest moments For me Doctor Who is a philosophy of life. Every message is about keeping struggling even if you can’t see a way out of your problems. Because there’s always a path, even if you only have bad choices. It’s about caring for others as well, and not thinking that other people is worse or better than you. I’m willing to hear everyone’s opinion always, because they may have a good point. Everyone is worthy. This show Is where I refugee when real life hits me so hard I think I will never be able to climb out of that deep well I am in. It’s the bright light that guides me. It’s that optimistic point of view that one self sometimes isn’t able to see. And for me, it’s my come back to drawing, editing and creativity after too long. Definitely it made me a better person. In some way it regenerated me.

I am Autistic and Doctor Who has really helped with it. I’m usually very shy and I can’t talk to others very well. I felt lonely, as if I was the only one who felt what I felt, because most people called me silly and pathetic for having feelings. I felt trapped.

That was until I discovered Doctor Who… and its fandom. The fandom is like another family to me, everyone is so creative and friendly. I’ve even made many friends here.

Doctor Who has taught me many important things and I find the Doctor a very relatable character – a second me. I know that sounds a bit extreme, but if you were struggling, wouldn’t you want someone to relate to? The fact he was alien, mad, caring and compassionate all at once is very similar to me.

So it’s thanks to Doctor Who that I don’t feel as unconfident and lonely anymore. It’s really helped me.

I don’t normally like sharing some things that I would consider personal, but, I feel like I needed to share my story because maybe someone else went through the same thing as me and they have difficulty talking about it. It is a bit of a sensitive topic.

Doctor Who has helped me tremendously through my mental illness, depression, which is something that I’ve been battling for the past 5 years. Doctor Who was a real eye opener and I was fascinated with the idea of the Doctor, his TARDIS, and the adventures he goes on with his companions.
Depression really does leave a mark on someone’s life. For me there’s times when I lose interest in something that I love or I don’t want to eat, just sleep all day. And there’s always this huge gaping hole in the middle of your heart where your emotions should be.

The thing about Doctor Who is that it’s much more than a TV show to me. It’s helped me realize a few things about myself that I would’ve never discovered completely on my own. I really do admire the Doctor and his companions because they’ve been through so much and yet still try to see the beauty in life.

I guess why I’m so drawn to the Doctor is that he is, in a way, a healer. Or just someone who tries to make things better (usually with good intentions but not always). His character just makes me really happy and there’s not really many people or things that can do that for me. And I do hope that I continue loving the show along with the Doctor for many years to come.

Yadz Gray
The Doctor helped me in my darkest moment of depression, when I really thought that life was no longer worthy it because of many bad things that were happening to me.

He let me cry on his shoulder and taught me too see that it is wonderful, just that sometimes it has difficult moments but not impossible to overcome.

Now he is with me at every step I take, it is a very important part of me, because The Doctor saved my life and I will be eternally grateful.

I was incredibly overweight my entire life. Clinically obese for my entire childhood, up until way past my 20s.

I never went out if I could avoid it. Didn’t really have friends. Never socialised. Never went to events or parties or talked to people because I was ridiculed and bullied for my looks my entire life. So I was terrified.  I had seen some Doctor Who with my grandmom. It was good. My partner made me watch the reboot. It was fun. But I wasn’t hooked until Matt.

Something about Matt just clicked with me.
This was now 2013. I had met some nice people in the HP fandom who cosplayed. I wanted to try it because they looked like they had so much fun. But nothing clicked and I felt silly. Stupid.
I reverted back to not really enjoying much.

But we watched Nightmare in Silver and I kinda lost my mind over Mr. Clever and HAD to be him

I suddenly felt ok in my skin. More so because it didn’t matter to me if people liked how I looked. I was having fun and I finally didn’t care what people thought. Mind you I still got a TON of hate for my choice of cosplay, but this all made me so much stronger and better able to handle crap that got dealt to me.
And through this I made hundreds of friends.
Many of them I just can not picture my life without.

I go out now, I socialize, I still don’t like having my photo taken, but I have gotten better. I have made so many new friends and have gone places that I would have never gone before.

All because of one episode of one tv show.

Thank you to everyone who shared their story on Whovians Amino. It’s been so inspiring to hear these stories and how the Doctor has helped many people through many different issues. We hope that it too has inspired you, the reader, and shown what an amazing fandom Doctor Who has.