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The BBC Confirms The Next Doctor Will Be Male?

With the announcement of Peter Capaldi leaving the show after Series 10, the big topic on everybody’s lips has been who the next Doctor will be. This year more than ever, the subject of a female Doctor has been widely discussed, with many of the show’s cast and crew giving their opinion on the matter. Many names – including Tilda Swinton, Frances de la Tour and Olivia Coleman – have been appearing on bookkeepers’ lists, but the BBC have been very quiet on the matter… or has it?

A story in The Sun reported of a fan who wrote to the BBC expressing his concern that changing the gender of the Doctor might confuse his children.
Complaints officer Joanne Coyne apparently wrote back with this reply:

“We appreciate that you’re a big Doctor Who fan and you have concerns that the programme would change should there be a female doctor.

“Be assured there are currently no plans to have a female Doctor Who.”

She also added that their comments would be passed onto senior managers and programme makers.

Given the source of this news and the current trend for reporting rumours as fact, there is no certainty that the story is even true. In fact, the BBC themselves issued a statement afterwards saying:

“No casting decisions have yet been made on Series 11.”

So basically, we are now none the wiser as to what gender the next Doctor will be, but it sure is fun watching people get worked up about it.