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The Doctor’s daughter is returning!

It’s an exciting time to be a female Whovian at the moment, but the surprises keep on coming as Big Finish announce that Georgia Tennant will appear in revive her role as the Doctor’s Daughter in a brand new series of audio adventures.

Tennant – who is the real life daughter of former Doctor Peter Davison and wife of former Doctor David Tennant – first appeared in 2008’s The Doctor’s Daughter, written by Stephen Greenhorn, playing the Doctor’s ‘daughter’, Jenny, who was genetically grown from his DNA.
It has been revealed that Jenny will be joined by a male companion played by Sean Biggerstaff, best known for playing Quidditch keeper Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter film series.
One of the audio stories is being written by Christian Brassington, best known for playing Osborne Whitworth in Poldark. His episode is called Neon Reign and this will be the first major production of his work.
The series is being recorded during the summer, with an expected release towards the end of the year.