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The Gallifrey Times: Announcing Season 2 of Watch ThrWHO

Last summer, we held a live discussion of Series 7 of Doctor Who, Watch ThrWHO, where readers and staff of The Gallifrey Times got together to re-watch and chat about episodes from the most recent series.

While the initial ‘first season’ got cut short, we’re happy to announce that Watch ThrWHO is returning for a second season!

Over the next ten weeks, we’ll be watching all the 2013 episodes of Doctor Who on Sunday nights, with a live interactive discussion that anyone can join in to! Each Sunday at 8pm BST, we’ll be watching and chatting about a new episode, from The Bells of Saint John to The Time of the Doctor.

Season 2 of Watch ThrWHO will begin this Sunday (1st June), at 8pm UK time/3pm Eastern Time/1pm Pacific Time with The Bells of Saint John, with the live chat opening a little earlier.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!