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The Gallifrey Times: Announcing Season 3 of Watch ThrWHO

For the last couple of years, during the dry months where the new series is still months away, The Gallifrey Times has held two ‘seasons’ of live discussions of Doctor Who episodes from Series 7 onwards, where readers and staff of The Gallifrey Times got together to rewatch and chat about episodes.

After a successful second season last year, we’re happy to announce that Watch ThrWHO is returning for a third season!

This season will be split into two parts – over the next six weeks, we’ll be watching the first half of Series 8, (from Deep Breath to Kill the Moon) and after a few weeks off, we’ll be returning to watch the final six episodes of last year (from Mummy on the Orient Express to Last Christmas), leading up to the premiere of Series 9 in August.

Season 3 of Watch ThrWHO will begin this weekend with a two-night opener – Deep Breath on Saturday, and Into the Dalek on Sunday (both start at 8pm GMT). From then on, we’ll be watching and chatting about a new episode weekly, on Sundays at 8pm.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend!