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The Gallifrey Times has a new face – Owen Bush – About Me!

Well, Hello there everyone!

If you haven’t guessed, I am a new writer who has joined the team of ‘The Gallifrey Times’ to give you all the latest news about the highly successful and amazing drama Doctor Who I am incredibly excited about working with some incredible writers and having lots of fun, as well as entertaining you with Who News!

Who am I? You may ask, well I’m a 14 year old boy from Plymouth, UK (yes not as fascinating as Gallifrey but it’ll do) and I am hugely excited to be writing for you today. If I’m honest, it’s always been my dream to act in Doctor Who, I consider myself an actor but I’m sure many wouldn’t agree, I’m not Matt Smith quality but then again, who is?

Anyway, I’m hugely interested in Doctor Who (isn’t that obvious?) but also Sherlock, The Hunger Games, The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings, The Walking Dead and many more fandom associated films and programmes. Although, I’m majorly in love with the idea of me becoming an actor, the chances are slim but none-the-less you may see me being the 31st Doctor? That idea seems unlikely.

Now, Doctor Who, why Doctor Who? It all started in 2005. I was 5, but yet I still watched it, possibly not understanding the plot at all, but I still watched it and with utter enjoyment. I carried on this legacy, until now and well I still have that enjoyment I did all those years ago. Currently, my favourite Doctor is Matt Smith and as we all know with Peter Capaldi taking up the character in a few months, that could change quite quickly!

Even though Matt I feel is my Doctor, I will never forget the brilliance of both Christopher and David and how they interpreted the part, but I feel like Matt brought a new edge to The Doctor and a quirkiness we hadn’t seen before. Which, I, particularly loved! My favourite companion would be a toss up between Donna and Clara. I think I loved how Donna wasn’t your stereotypical companion, she was quirky (just like Matt) and added an extra sass into the Doctor’s most loyal friend. Her ending brought me deep sadness. (Thanks, Moffat) and Clara, well as a teenage boy, I find incredibly attractive and her flirtyness with the Doctor makes the show more current, I feel.

It’s only really been this last year that my Doctor Who knowledge has been improved, with the growing use of Twitter and the connection with other fans, I quickly realized my solemn love for the show that would leave me with tears (Again, thanks Moffat) and also happiness!

As someone who hasn’t had much experience in writing and being a writer, I defiantly see this as a big journey, and I am extremely excited for the future of my career at TGT. I hope you enjoy my posts and I will hope to succeed in exciting you. I hope we have a FANTASTIC time!

Thank you!

P.S. You can follow my Twitter if you wish, I post views on Doctor Who, Sherlock and The Hunger Games mainly, my username is @oheyitso!