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The Gallifrey Times Hits One Million Pageviews!

After nearly six years of posting Doctor Who news, The Gallifrey Times has hit one million all time pageviews!

The Gallifrey Times was founded back in early 2009 and we’ve been growing rapidly in size since then (over 50% of the million pageviews coming in the past year), posting the latest Doctor Who news daily (apart from maybe some Christmases).

You can see where we all started here with our first (masterfully written) post – we’ve come a little way since then.

In the past year we’ve teamed up with the BBC and the developers of popular app Doctor Who Legacy for exclusive competitions, interviewed Kill the Moon writer Peter Harness, improved our writing team with several new additions and given TGT a snazzy new look.

I’d like to thank every viewer of The Gallifrey Times in the past six years (apart from that guy) and all the people who’ve written for TGT, especially our founder and editor Tom. And of course, we’d like to thank the team at the BBC who make the show that we spend quite a lot of time writing about – which is of course the amazing Atlantis.

Hang on, did we say Atlantis?

Assistant Editor