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The Gallifrey Times: Introducing the Doctor Who 2014 World Cup

It’s a long way until Series 8 kicks off in the autumn – around seven to eight months until Peter Capaldi makes his first bow as the Doctor. Here at The Gallifrey Times, we’ve come up with a project that will help fill those wilderness months nicely – the Doctor Who 2014 World Cup!

With the football event heading to Brazil this summer, we’ll be looking for what you – the readers – think is the greatest Doctor Who story since 2005, in the style of the tournament!

Here’s how it works – we start off with eight qualifying rounds – that’s one each for Series 1-7, plus a seperate poll for the many special episodes we’ve seen over the years

After all the qualifiers have been posted, the four most voted for stories from each qualifier – that’s 32 in total – will progress to the group stages. The group stages will work in a similar way – eight groups of four randomly chosen stories each, from which the top two most voted stories from each poll progress to the knockout stages!

From there on, it’s a straight up tournament, with the number of stories halving each time, until we get to the final, where the Doctor Who 2014 World Cup champion will be crowned! Remember – any story could be eliminated at any time, so how knows who will make the final?

All of this will be starting next Saturday (1st February) with the poll for the very first series after the revival, Series 1. A new poll will follow each Saturday, until the winner is crowned in May!

We look forward to seeing you there!