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The Gallifrey Times: Our 2000th Post!

After four and a half years, The Gallifrey Times has hit its 2000th post!

The Gallifrey Times was founded on New Year’s Day 2009, and has been covering Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures news ever since, steadily growing in the process.

Our very first post (please excuse the grammar) can be viewed here.

And in 2013, The Gallifrey Times is bigger than ever – in the past few months, we’ve had an exclusive giveaway for a brand new Fourth Doctor audio, created a successful podcast, resurrected our monthly
newsletter and our writing team has grown substantially.

We’d like to thank everyone who’s viewed The Gallifrey Times since 2009, and especially those who have written for the site – we couldn’t have made it to 2000 posts without you!

Many thanks for your support,
Louis, Assistant Editor and Android Correspondent