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The Gallifrey Times reader stickers available on LINE

The Gallifrey Times has released a new mini sticker set for the popular Asian chat platform LINE.  Fans can share their feelings about the most recent episodes of Doctor Who with these fun and colourful stickers.

The set includes eight stickers modelled after TGT readers. Four stickers feature a blonde female reader wearing a red fez and eager to travel with the Doctor. While the other four stickers feature a male reader with ginger features and Tom Baker style scarf. Both characters are donning The Gallifrey Times inspired shirts.

The set includes a thumbs down and thumbs up sticker for fans to use to voice their views. A regeneration sticker, a sad sticker, a ‘Hi’ sticker, and more. The male character even uses a laptop with a Banana logo This is a call back to the Doctor’s love of bananas.

Each sticker is hand drawn and coloured digitally.

line sticker preview

LINE Messenger is available for both Android and iOS phones. It is a free to use chat program that allows one on one and group chat experiences. The app also allows video chat and free phone calls. Many popular Asian television shows have featured characters using this app to chat.

The sticker set can be downloaded from the LINE Sticker Market for 0.99USD and is available world wide.