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The Name Of The Doctor: Spoilers Ahoy!

Following on from their news regarding the past Doctors ‘no show’ for the 50th Anniversary Episode, as well as the official synopsis for the Series Finale episode. Doctor Who Magazine issue 460 has revealed some very big pointers in terms of details regarding the Series 7 Finale episode The Name Of The Doctor:


  • Richard E Grant is back as Dr Simeon (“Hello again,” says the Doctor. “How’s the Intelligence – still Great?”)
  • Post-Library River Song returns (“Oh, I do like to watch a man think; it’s like watching a whale knit!”).
  • On the Doctor’s feelings for River, Moffat says: “You never quite know what the Doctor feels. I don’t think you ever should.”
  • There’s more snogging
  • Moffat says there hasn’t been a “proper doom-fraught episode” in a
    while. If this episode is about anything, it’s about death. There is a
    funereal atmosphere, literally.
  • Will everyone make it to the end of the episode alive? Spoiler: no
  • Will we, at last, learn the true identity of Clara Oswald, the impossible girl? Spoiler: yes!
  • Will the Doctor’s greatest secret be revealed? Spoiler: possibly
  • DWM doesn’t know how the episode ends, it’s that secret
  • After this episode, nothing will ever be the same again
I believe that is the signal for Doctor Who based forums to go into meltdown then. Please be sure to let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section below, the more complex the better!
Issue 460 of Doctor Who Magazine goes on sale Thursday 2nd of May, priced £4.75.
[Source: Doctor Who Magazine]