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The Next Doctor Will Not Be A Woman According To Georgia Taylor

The actress Georgia Taylor, who has acted on Coronation Street amongst other productions, has voiced her
doubts over the next Doctor being female.

Taylor said that fans of the show will most probably have a negative reaction to a woman playing the Doctor after Matt Smith regenerates.

She had this to say on the subject to The Sun:

“It’s never going to happen.”

“That’s not me doing a disservice to womankind, it is just one of those things.” 

“It’s a bit like when they did Elementary. It wasn’t even Sherlock, it was his assistant, but the outrage that caused.”

When she was asked if she would like to appear in Doctor Who, she replied:

“I don’t think they will ever do it and I think now I am getting too old to even be The Doctor’s assistant.” 

“They are all in their early 20s, and pretty. I think that ship has sailed for me, but I would like to be a Doctor Who baddie.”

What do you think of the possibility of the Doctor becoming a woman? Let us know in the comment section below.

Doctor Who returns for its 50th Anniversary Special episode on the 23rd November.

[Source: Digital Spy]