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The Power Of The Daleks To Be Released As Animation

Oh my giddy aunt! BBC Worldwide has announced that 1966’s The Power of the Daleks will be released as a new animated version to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its first broadcast.

The episode, which was the first full story featuring Patrick Troughton as the Doctor, was one of the episodes that was wiped in the archive purge in 1974, with no film remaining. The new black and white animation has been made based on audio recordings of the programme using the original cast, surviving photographs and film clips.

The story is comprised of six half hour episodes, featuring Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor, Anneke Wills as Polly and Michael Craze as Ben. The episode is notable for featuring the first regeneration – or ‘renewal’ as it was known back then – of William Hartnell’s First Doctor into Troughton’s Second Doctor.

The Power of the Daleks is being produced by the team behind the highly successful animation of lost Dad’s Army episode A Stripe For Frazer, which was released on BBC Store in February. The producer and director is Charles Norton, with character designs from acclaimed comic book artists Martin Geraghty and Adrian Salmon. Norton says:

“The Power of the Daleks animation is the most ambitious Doctor Who archive restoration ever attempted and we’re all very honoured to be a part of such a an exciting project. Intelligent, suspenseful and magnificently staged, Power of the Daleks is one of the great lost classics of 1960s television and a superb example of the black and white era at its finest.”

Paul Hembury, Executive Producer at BBC Worldwide added:

“Charles and his team are remarkably talented and passionate about Doctor Who and we are thrilled that fans will soon be able to enjoy this rather sinister but wonderful, classic story.”

The Power Of The Daleks will be released on BBC Store on Saturday 5th November at 5:50pm – 50 years to the minute that it was first shown on BBC One – followed by the DVD on Monday 21st November.