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The Underwater Menace DVD available to pre-order

In a shocking turn of events ‘The Underwater Menace’, the 1967 story featuring Patrick Troughton as the Doctor, has now been listed to pre-order at and is scheduled to be released this year after all.
We previously reported that the release had been cancelled following animation company Qurios being liquidated in 2014. Qurios, who had provided the animated episodes for ‘The Ice Warriors’ release, were also due to create animations for ‘The Underwater Menace’ too and it is currently unknown if the missing episodes 1 and 4 will be available as animations on the DVD release.
Episode 3 had already been released in 2004 as a part of the
‘Lost in Time’ set but since the second episode was returned to the BBC in 2011
fans across the world have been excited to see an episode thought lost forever.
Anneke Wills, who played companion Polly in the story, confirmed via her
Facebook account back in March that an audio commentary and documentary were
recorded back in 2013. Even the cover art had been designed as seen in DWM 488 but that design is not confirmed for this release. There had been plenty of support from fans imploring BBC Worldwide to release the episode
with an online petition gaining over 2,750 signatures submitted in May. It now seems that the supporters will get their wish and finally be able to own ‘The Underwater Menace’ on DVD for the first time on October 26th 2015.