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The Woman Who Fell To Earth

The Woman Who Fell to Earth poll results

For the past week, you’ve been voting in our rate the episode poll for The Woman Who Fell to Earth. We’ve now closed the poll and the results can be seen below.

The beginning of a new Doctor’s era is always going to be met with a wide range of opinions, and that was somewhat reflected in our poll, which nonetheless saw a cautiously positive response to Jodie Whittaker’s debut as the Doctor:

Amazing! (5/5) – 37.5%

Very good (4/5) – 34.72%

OK (3/5) – 19.44%

Poor (2/5) – 5.56%

Awful! (1/5) – 2.78%

The episode had an average score of 3.99/5. It’s a solid score that would put The Woman Who Fell to Earth on the lower end of the middle of our Capaldi era leaderboard (average scores for each season tend to hover at about 4.1). It’s a little lower than Deep Breath, which scored 4.2/5 with our readers back in 2014. Our Series 11 leaderboard will start with The Ghost Monument next week, and you can vote in that poll now.