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Titan Release Fourth Doctor Comic Mini-Series

Following on from the successful series of comics featuring the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors, Titan has now launched the long awaited Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor mini-series featuring the The Fourth Doctor, as played by Tom Baker, and his companion Sarah Jane Smith, as played by Elisabeth Sladen.

The comic is available to buy in shops right now and comes in a number of variant covers.

The synopsis for the mini-series:

Victorian England. A mysterious woman commands a hidden army in a house of the blind. Scryclops stalk the streets…. and something alien and terrible screams from prehistory – with a hunger that cannot be satisfied! The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith return for an allnew adventure: GAZE OF THE MEDUSA!

This series has been created by the Robbie Burns, Witch Hunter -​ ​Gordon Rennie (2000AD, Judge Dredd, Department of Monsterology) and Emma Beeby – with illustrations by Brian Williamson (Twelfth Doctor). 

If you want to get a signed copy of the comic, ​Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby will be at Forbidden Planet in Newcastle on Saturday 26th March. Visit their website here for more information.