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Toby Whithouse Talks Doctor Who Showrunner Rumours

One of the most common questions asked by Doctor Who fans is: “Who will take over as showrunner when Steven Moffat steps down?” Toby Whithouse is often cited as the best choice. Whithouse created the BBC Three series Being Human, and has written several episodes of Doctor Who: “School Reunion,” “The Vampires of Venice,” “The God Complex,””A Town Called Mercy,” and series 9’s still-untitled two-parter episodes 3 and 4.

In an interview with tle-online, Whithouse addressed the showrunner rumors, saying:

“No-one at the BBC has ever had this conversation with me! No-one has asked me, no-one has approached me about if Steven leaves, when Steven leaves. These are conversations that happen purely among fans, not on any official level.”

While Whithouse doesn’t appear to be taking over the reins, he does love being involved with Doctor Who. He went on to say:

“There’s a reason I go back to Doctor Who every year, and that’s because I absolutely love working on it! There is something so magical, so ludicrous about that show! We’re all quite established writers, but we all go back, we all keep doing it! It’s ridiculous, and it’s brilliant, and you get to work with some of the best actors in the industry.

The appeal never fades: I’m 45 now, and writing: ‘Interior: TARDIS’ at the top of a scene is still really, really exciting. You also get to tell these extraordinary stories that you couldn’t write for any other show. I’ve written for three Doctors now, and with David [Tennant], Matt [Smith] and Peter [Capaldi], you can throw the most convoluted dialogue, the subtlest gag, at them and they will get it because they are brilliant. Watching your ridiculous, strange stories get realised by these people is a wonderful thing.”

Doctor Who returns with “The Magician’s Apprentice” on Saturday, 19 September.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]