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Tom Baker Won’t Advise Matt Smith

Tom Baker has revealed that he would be releuctant towards offering advice to 11th Doctor, Matt Smith.

Speaking to the Daily Record he said, “I don’t give advice to the young. I have often noticed that the young shudder at the sight of the old, so I keep silent.”

He added: “David Tennant is a wonderful actor, a huge star. He is young and handsome. I never saw him in that role, but then, I never saw myself as The Doctor either.”

He also rekons in the report that he is still Doctor Who, stating, “Forget David Tennant, I Am Still The Real Doctor Who”

Matt Smith is to take control of the TARDIS in 2010.

Tom Baker has recently revealed that he will be returning in a set of audio adventures.

What do you think of this, do you think it is true?