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Tom Baker’s Final Interview In Doctor Who Magazine – Available Today

Following on from their much celebrated 500th issue, the latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine is dedicated entirely to the Fourth Doctor and the actor who played him, Tom Baker.

The magazine includes what Tom Baker has dubbed his ‘final interview’, during which he discusses life, death and his Doctor Who life. Here is an extract from the article with some words of wisdom from Baker:

“Life is too short to be dull. Be interesting. Because not very much else matters does it? In large areas of our lives, hardly anything matters at all. I mean, nothing can beat being with loving friends, and a few wines, and a few beers, and a few lies, and a few yarns. And to still be adored after 40-odd years… yeah that’s the life. Maybe I’m the longest-serving actor, in the whole history of actors, who’s actually still, 40-odd years later, adored for the same part and enjoying it in the same way. When I get sent messages from middle-aged men… or from the wives of middle-aged men, who say, ‘Tell Mr Baker he cannot imagine how important he was to my beloved husband when he was a boy’… it moves me deeply to think about it. I was just going to work. I didn’t know, to begin with, how far-reaching this role would be. I was aware of the excitement, and the generosity, and the affection of the fans, but how could I ever have dreamed of all this?”

The interview extravaganza is split into seven parts with contributions from friends and colleagues:

  • The Unbreakable Tom Baker
  • The Insatiable Tom Baker
  • The Impeccable Tom Baker (with June Hudson)
  • The Irrepressible Tom Baker
  • The Unstoppable Tom Baker (with Louise Jameson, John Leeson and Geoffrey Beevers)
  • The Unforgettable Tom Baker
  • The Irreplaceable Tom Baker

DWM 501 also includes the first part of the new comic strip, The Pestilent Heart, news from filming of Series 10 and other regular features.

The collectable souvenir edition – available from today (Thursday 30th June) for £5.99 – comes with four art cards, two classic mini-posters, and a giant multi-Doctor poster.