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Tom Baker’s health confusion causes Timelord Expo cancellation

Ohio’s Timelord Expo has been cancelled due to Sylvester McCoy’s Paris filming and Tom Baker’s poor health… only Tom Baker’s health is just fine.

A recent confusion on whether or not actor Tom Baker who played Doctor Who‘s 4th Doctor would be able to attend Ohio’s Timelord Expo due to health concerns was one of the cited issues that caused the convention to be cancelled. Ticket fees are currently being refunded to those who have purchased them.

Michael Hallett, Baker’s agent, found out about the cancellation and disputed the claim, stating that Tom Baker was actually in very good health. The 83 year old actor had been greatly looking forward to the event which he would have attended via Skype. US fans rarely get a chance to see the legendary actor and I am sure this was quite a devastating blow to the US based Whovian community.

Fortunately, Packrat Comics, a local Ohio comic book store, made arrangements with retailer Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey for an alternative free event that is to be held on 14th October, the Saturday the convention would have been (10am-6pm), featuring actors Terry Molloy, who played Davros and Caitlin Blackwood, who played young Amelia Pond. They are calling this new event Ohio Who 2017. Hopefully this event will help to ease the pain of the disappointed convention goers.

Caitlin Blackwood
Autograph is $20
Selfie is $10

Terry Molloy
Autograph is $30
Selfie is $10

For more information, visit the event’s Facebook page here.

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