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Tom MacRae Talks Past & Future Doctor Who Episodes

Tom MacRae, writer of Series 2 two-parter Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel and Series 6: Part 2 episode The Girl Who Waited, announced last year that he was penning another episode of Doctor Who. However, as we now know all the writers for the second half of Series 7, it’s definitely not going to be broadcast this year.

Talking to The Daily Record, MacRae said:

“If I get the chance to write for it again, I’d like to bring back something that featured in the very first episode. There are few things that last 50 years, and it’s nice to be part of something that is not just a part of British culture but is also known throughout the world. It’s something your father, grandfather, and maybe even great grandfather would have watched and it spans all ages.”

 MacRae also talked about the critical reception to Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel and The Girl Who Waited:

“When the Cybermen story came out, I think [the fans] all hated me because I was very young and had the job they wanted. A lot of people didn’t like the story as well. I got some very harsh reviews. “But when I came to The Girl Who Waited with Karen Gillan playing an older version of herself in 2011, I was very keen to make it right and it was the hardest I’d ever worked. I was really pleased and showed I’d earned my place at the table. It proved I hadn’t just lucked into it.  

I’d thought of the Time Glass idea I used in it when I was six and how you could look through a glass at the same place over time. What might be a kitchen now might be something that used to have dinosaurs in it.”