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Torchwood: Miracle Day Finale Teasers

  1. This is not one for the squeamish, as it gets very bloody towards the end
  2. Gwen is afraid of ghosts?
  3. There a several big explosions, but not all of them are at the same time
  4. Sergeant Andy goes on a heartbreaking mission with Rhys
  5. Rex to Esther: “We’re dead! Don’t you get it? We’re dead!”
  6. Charlotte Willis will be the last thing someone ever sees
  7. “Oh ****!”
  8. You find out exactly how the ‘miracle’ was caused…
  9. …Though some might be disappointed with the explanation
  10. “I lived so many lives. Now I can see them all.”
  11. The Doctor, Silurian, Racnoss, UNIT
  12. Torchwood is going to need some new recruits…
  13. …So are the CIA
  14. Gwen gets into a cat fight
  15. “If the Miracle ends, she dies.”
  16. Rex learns a new trick
  17. There are several story strands (intentionally) left unresolved
  18. Someone has a Plan B
  19. One characters fate is particularly sad
  20. It ends on a classic Russell T Davies cliffhanger