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Behind the scenes of Demons of the Punjab filming

Tosin Cole: The Man Who Fell Off the Cart

Alright, so there isn’t an episode staring Tosin Cole falling from a cart. However, in last Sunday’s episode Demons of the Punjab, the actor certainly made an impression… in more than one way. A shame it didn’t make it to the final cut.

While filming Demons of the Punjab, during the filming of the scene when the TARDIS team is transported via a cart, actor Tosin Cole had a bit of a mishap that got captured on film.

Jodie Whittaker, the star of Series 11 of Doctor Who recalls the event merrily. In the interview posted on the official Doctor Who Twitter account (As seen above) the actress is heard saying “One of the highlights of shooting that scene was midway through one of the takes there was just this massive thud and Tosin fell out of the cart!”

Mandip Gill who plays Yasmin Khan also seemed to enjoy poor Cole’s misfortune. She apparently thought the moment was the “funniest” moment on set. Actor Tosin Cole considered the whole ordeal to be “quite traumatising” and didn’t seem particularly keen on reliving the experience. He claimed “yeah it was funny for like five minutes”.

The actor seems to have had a rough time filming Series 11, having previously been reported as suffering sunstroke during the filming in South Africa. The actor also felt especially unhappy about the cold wet filming that took place in the UK during the Wintery months.

Tosin Cole during Demons of the Punjab Filming

Photo from Doctor Who Official Twitter [Tosin Cole]mandip

Let us hope Cole has seen the worst of it, and only has good experiences here forth.

Fans can watch Cole, Gill and Whittaker on Doctor Who Series 11 every Sunday on BBC1 and BBC America.

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