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Twice Upon A Time guaranteed to leave us in tears

As the Christmas special draws ever closer, so too does the prospect of our beloved Twelfth Doctor departing. There are sure to be tears as we bid farewell to Twelve, but apparently there might be a few shed before that moment.

Radio 2 DJ Jo Whiley was on set during the last days of filming as part of a special radio documentary and told Radio Times of a very emotional scene that was shot while she was there:

“The day before there was a scene that they had to film and everyone said EVERYONE was in tears.

“Because of the poignancy of the scene that they were filming, which had less to do with the Doctor himself and more to do with the storyline. And everyone was in pieces.

“And when you watch the Christmas Day episode, you’ll understand. It’s really very very clever, and very laced with emotion. It was less to do with the departure of the Doctor and more to do with the storyline.

“There were tears being shed everywhere.”

Though she wasn’t giving any details about the scene, she could be referring to the same scene that David Bradley recently mentioned at London Film and Comic Con which made him and Capaldi quite emotional: 

“There’s an event towards the end of [the Christmas special] that happens and when it happened, well, we just did a take and neither Peter nor I expected it.

“There was no CGI involved, it was all happening and we were both almost blubbing by the time that the take ended. I can’t say, I’m not going to say, what it was but it was quite an event and we weren’t prepared for all the things that were going to be going on around us as we were doing our dialogue.

“And as I say to you, we got quite lumpy. They’ve kept that out of the trailer but it takes it all to another dimension…”

So one thing is certain, Moffat will definitely be going out in style and leaving us in tears for one final time.