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Update On Doctor Who Series 7 Broadcast Date

We’ve seen lots of different reports (including us) claiming that the seventh series of Doctor Who will kick off with Asylum Of The Daleks on Saturday 1st September, but as of yet there has been no confirmation by the BBC.

However, several TV Magazines this week are claiming that next week will see Doctor Who return to our screens. These magazines include TV Choice and What’s On TV? So, currently, although schedules aren’t locked until 10 days before broadcast, it looks like Doctor Who will return on Saturday 1st September at sometime between 6:30PM and 8:20PM, where there is currently a free slot.

As for the BBC America air date, a trailer was released yesterday on their Facebook page with a new ending revealing that Doctor Who will première on BBC America on 8th September, but it was quickly removed. We are not sure whether this is actually the date for our American readers, or whether it was an accident by BBC America.

If Doctor Who is set to return on 1st September in the UK, we will receive proper confirmation tomorrow, when the BBC confirms its schedule for the week.

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