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Want to Guest Write for The Gallifrey Times?

Series 8 finished a couple of weeks ago – and we’re planning a feature on our favourite episodes of Peter Capaldi’s first series. The twist? You (yes, even you) can get involved.

The Gallifrey Times is looking for readers to send in a short feature on your favourite episode of the series and why you enjoyed them, for inclusion in a 12-part feature.

Here’s the conditions for the feature:

  • Anything between 50-200 words – we want to include multiple people per post.
  • Please include your name in the email – while you can use a pen name if you wish, it should be reasonable (so ‘The Doctor’ might be pushing it a tad).
  • If demand is huge, we may have to close applications earlier than expected – keep an eye on our Twitter @GallifreyTimes to stay updated.
  • We should be able to include everybody who applies, barring massive demand and provided the feature is written in good English.
If you want to get involved, please send your short feature to with a subject line of ‘TGT Feature’. Applications are currently set to close this time next week, though this is subject to change.
Happy writing!