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Weekly Roundup – What We Missed

I know you all think otherwise, but we’re not perfect here at The Gallifrey Times. No, that vaunted characteristic is reserved only for Stephen Fry, Neil Gaiman and Persona 4. Sometimes we miss stories. Sometimes they’re big ones. Hopefully not.

So I’m instituting the the first of what will hopefully be a very small series called Weekly Roundup, where we bring to you any stories we missed during the week. We’re nice like that.

First off is the second annual Script To Screen competition run by the Doctor Who team, in which Primary Schools across the UK are given the chance to write a script for a mini Doctor Who episode and have it filmed, screened and shown on British TV.

This year it had to be an Olympic themed episode and was won by a trio of students at Ashdene Primary School in Wilmslow. You can watch the mini episode here.


And in other news, new companion Jenna Louise-Coleman started filming her very first scenes on Thursday, following her very first official script read-through as the newest in an ever-growing and prestigious line of the Doctor’s Companions.

We still don’t know just what kind of Companion the young Ms Coleman will be, and judging by Steven Moffat’s comments in interviews, we won’t be until she makes her on screen Who debut at the very least.

But we will strive to keep you updated on all the latest and greatest of Who news! Coming next Wednesday, for example, is what I think of the first issue of the Star Trek The Next Generation/Doctor Who comic book crossover!