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Welcome! I’m Tom

Welcome, I’m one of the news posters here at The Gallifrey Times, I’m Tom,

I usually post when I can as I run my own blog The Graske’s Corner, I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who for about 7 years now… I’ve known Tom (TGT) for about 3 months now, I’m also the runner of the Monthly Doctor Who podcasts which will resume shortly, because of the site been under maintenance we have been unable to do them.
We are looking for 1 off guests to join us in the conversational podcasts, you’d only have to be talking to us for 15 minutes and you’d feature in one podcast. We are planning many things for The Gallifrey Times, and we hope you take them and use them to the best way you can, if you do get ideas from out posts, we ask for you to link us to your posts, and link it to the original post we did. Soon we’ll get into daily posting and we will have a lot of things happening so please stay tuned for that, and we hope you Enjoy, The Gallifrey Times.
Daily News Poster, Podcast Manager and Team Member.