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What do fans want to see in Doctor Who series 11?

3,500 fans spoke out about what they want to see in series 11 of Doctor Who in a recent Radio Times poll. Will we see a return of Captain Jack Harkness? Will the 13th incarnation of the Doctor have a male companion? These fans certainly hope so.

Radio Times asked fans if they thought the new Doctor should have a new sonic screwdriver designed for them and a TARDIS makeover.  The fans were overwhelmingly for both of these ideas with 79 percent in favour of a new look for the TARDIS and 68 percent for a new sonic.  It looks like the TARDIS redesign takes priority for these fans.  Each redesign is usually based on the personality of the Doctor who is piloting the TARDIS at that time.  The design really speaks volumes about the Doctor it is designed for.  Since we don’t really know anything about number 13 yet, it’s hard to say what her version of the TARDIS would look like.  Who knows, maybe we’ll get a little more insight during the Christmas special.

Series 10 of Doctor Who had a lot of new monsters introduced which had fans divided between those who liked the new additions to the Whoniverse and those who did not. When Radio Times asked fans if they would prefer new monsters in series 11 or if they preferred the classics it was an almost even split between the two options with 51 percent wanting new villains and 48 percent hoping for classics like the Daleks and Cybermen.

What about bringing back characters from previous story lines? When Radio Times asked which former character the fans would want brought back 30 percent voted for the return of Captain Jack Harkness, played by actor John Barrowman. This is something fans have been asking for a lot since he left the show. The character was so popular he received a spin off show called Torchwood. It sounds like fans just can’t get enough of the flirtatious Captain Jack. Another 11 percent of voters said they wanted to see a return of Susan Foreman and 10 percent claimed a preference for River Song.

As for the Doctor’s future companions, 63 percent are hoping for a male companion.  There is also a 63 percent desire to see the Doctor have multiple companions joining her in the TARDIS for series 11. Series 10 had a TARDIS team of three with Nardole and Bill helping the Doctor out. The 11th Doctor also had a time with double companions travelling with Rory and Amy Pond.  This seems to be the preferred dynamic for slightly more than half of the fans polled.

Lastly 68 percent of fans said they are hoping for more travelling through time and space, with less time hanging around modern day Earth. Don’t tell that to the Third Doctor!  But I am sure that whatever the writers decide for series 11, fans everywhere will be happy to have more episodes of Doctor Who to watch. For now all we can do is wait and speculate.