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BBC Denies That Matt Smith Is Quitting Doctor Who

The Daily Mirror ran a headline today which read “I QUIT! Matt Smith calls time on the Time Lord.” which is a load of balderdash, frankly. What the story actually entails is not ‘exclusive’ information, as it claims, but the fact that Matt is contracted to remain with the show until November 2013 (something we already knew).

The paper quoted an unnamed source, who claimed that Matt’s Doctor would regenerate in time for Christmas 2013’s episode. There is no evidence of this, and just because Matt’s present contract is due to expire next November does not in any way mean that won’t negotiate a new one and stay on as the Doctor afterwards.

This is backed by both Matt Smith himself, who told ITV’s Daybreak this week that he fully intends to be in the show’s 50th Anniversary and also told the Radio Times this week that “I doubt there will be a regeneration” within the 50th Anniversary special.

The article in question claims that Matt intends to quit due to “burnout fears”, though all he really said was that he didn’t think he would be able to sustain a seven year run on the show like Tom Baker did as the Fourth Doctor. The BBC Head of Communications Simon Hodges has denied the rumours that Matt is intending to quit.

Altogether, while it’s still possible that Matt won’t reprise the iconic role beyond 2013, all current evidence points to him being happy in the job and eager to continue.