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Who’s Guide To Glasgow

Doctor Who may be made in Cardiff, but the new time-lord grew up around Glasgow and the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau has produced a Doctor Who Fan’s guide to the city.

Doctor Who enthusiasts, hold on to your TARDISes…one of Glasgow’s best-loved actors, Peter Capaldi, is to become the twelfth incarnation of the one and only Time Lord, and Glasgow is getting ready to welcome him. 

Full of bits of information on Capaldi, the TARDIS (there are many throughout the city) and the city of Glasgow itself, it is a fun fact-filled  guide, whether you’re in Glasgow or not.

Scott Taylor, Chief Executive of Glasgow City Marketing Bureau:

As the nation gears up for Doctor Who mania we wanted to create this guide to showcase Glasgow’s long and warm relationship with all things Doctor Who. Whether you’re a Doctor Who devotee, a Peter Capaldi fan, or are just interested in seeing a unique side of the city, the Whovian Guide to Glasgow is a fun and interesting way to enjoy some of the city’s finest sights.

The full guide can be downloaded from the council website.