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Will Jackson Lake Return To Doctor Who?

It was shortly after David Tennant announced his intention to leave Doctor Who that we were teased with a Christmas episode titled “The Next Doctor“, with David Morrisey playing the titular character.

The episode came and went without a regeneration, with David Morrisey really being Jackson Lake, a man who had become convinced he was our beloved Doctor. And when David Tennant did leave our screens he was replaced with Matt Smith.

Thus did it seem that sly old Russell T. Davies had tricked us all and that David Morrisey’s chapter in Doctor Who history was at an end. However, in a recent interview with Den Of Geek Morrisey reminisced on the role and stated a desire to return to Doctor Who someday.

David Morrisey is currently playing ‘The Governor’ in the AMC’s The Walking Dead‘s third season. Having said that though, there is some kind of celebration where lots of previous Doctor Who actors and actresses are being rumoured to appear in coming up. I wonder if Moffat would want Morrisey to get in on that.