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William Russell to appear at Time Eddy III

William Russell, who played companion Ian Chesterton; Eric Roberts, who played the Master; Matthew Waterhouse, who played companion Adric; and Katy Manning, who played companion Jo Grant, are all appearing at this year’s Time Eddy III convention in Wichita Kansas, USA.

Wichita’s Time Eddy convention wanted to end its three year run with a bang and they certainly have not disappointed. Though Sylvester McCoy was intended as their original lead guest, his recent cancellation hasn’t caused too hefty of a blow for the Kansas based Doctor Who convention. They still have several amazing Doctor Who actors booked, as well as composer Dominic Glynn and author Amy Shira Teital.

Actor William Russell, who turns 93 in November, had the pleasure of working along side of the legendary William Hartnell who played the beloved first incarnation of the Doctor. He has more recently played a minor role in An Adventure in Space and Time, the 2013 biological film based on the creation of the Doctor Who television series.

Russell is truly a rare treat for Doctor Who fans. This is especially the case for American fans, as the actor has only ever appeared at an American based convention once before. This may be these fan’s only opportunity to nab the actor’s autograph for their collections. Not to mention the amazing chance to hear stories told by one of the actors who has been with the show from the very beginning.

Fans from all over the United States and Canada are coming together for this year’s gathering on Friday, Oct. 20th. Tickets are still available for purchase via the Time Eddy website here.