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Winners and Losers? – Competition

Congratulations! To Theskarorevenger (Tom, Graske’s Corner), who has recently won a prize in one of Combom’s contests, he managed to snatch himself a sealed copy of “The War Machines.” Combom’s site is well known as a hub of facts, figures, items and news to do with space time, and Most Importantly, Doctor Who.

I’ve been a fan of his site since 2008 “The Stolen Earth” , we would just like like to Thank Combom, and also we’d like to congratulate TheSkaroRevenger, for winning.
We also Have A contest in production but we would like too know… What would you like to win? and why? suggestions need to be in by Friday, Thank you, Either post them in the Chat to your right, or post them as a Comment to this or Reply too us on Twitter.