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Worlds Collide: Cybermen in Birmingham

Shoppers in Birmingham had an interesting view earlier this week when several Cybermen were seen marching about. Where’s the Doctor when you need him/her?

As it turns out, this spectacle from another world was part of the promotion for Worlds Collide, a live Doctor Who themed escape game releasing next year.

These metal menaces were seen outside of Selfridges and using the escalators at the Bullring.  It seems even upgraded beings are still too lazy to use the stairs.

Still unchecked by any infamous Time Lords, the brigade of Cybermen started threatening to “upgrade” innocent Christmas shoppers just outside the Bullring shopping centre.

However, Birmingham isn’t the only place threatened by this invasion. Leeds will be receiving a visit from these villains as well.

What is Worlds Collide?

BBC Studios together with Escape Hunt have designed this exciting live action Doctor Who adventure which will be available across the country starting in early 2019.

CEO of Escape Hunt, Richard Harpham said “We are thrilled that tickets are now on sale and fans can start booking to be the first to play the game”. He assures players that this is going to be a unique Doctor Who experience.

Mat Way of BBC Studios added “We used to hide behind the sofa when the Cybermen appeared on TV, it’s amazing that fans will soon be able to encounter them face to face”.

How it Works

Teams of anywhere from three to six will work together to close the rift allowing the invasion. What has caused this pesky tear in the fabric of  time and space? After being transported to the future, the players will visit the offices of ChronosCorp HQ. It is here that they will learn eccentric billionaire Alastair Montague’s ambitions to create commercial time travel is at the centre of all this.

Using a limited supply of hints, clues and tools the players have one hour to fix the issue and stop the Cybermen before facing deletion or upgrading. Can they work together to save the world?

Where and When

Bristol – 16/01/2019

Leeds – 25/01/2019

Oxford – 08/02/2019

Manchester – 22/02/2019

Reading – 08/03/2019

Birmingham – 22/03/2019

Additional Information

This experience is rated appropriate for ages 10 and up. It is also stated on the website that this will be entirely wheelchair accessible.

The Doctor needs you: a tear in space and time has been detected, and the Cybermen are about to break through!

Step into the future. Enter the offices of ChronosCorp HQ, where eccentric billionaire Alastair Montague’s efforts to develop commercial time travel have caused a tear in the fabric of space and time. The Cybermen are ready to take advantage and attack Earth.

You, the Doctor’s friends, must investigate the incident. The remains of Montague, his prototype time engine and the extensive collection of time-related artefacts acquired over the course of his experiments, are all that you have to work with.

In just 60 minutes the Cybermen will break through. The fate of the universe is in your hands. Take too long and the human race will be “upgraded”.

Ticket prices cost £33 per person for a group of three players. A group of six players gets a discount of £30 per person. Tickets can already be reserved online at the Escape Hunt website.