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‘You Need to Meet Blair’ – TGT’s Latest Recruit

As it is with most long time Whovians, when you bring up the show Doctor Who to any of my friends, the first thing most of them will say is, “You need to meet Blair.” This pattern has existed for a while and has lead to many marathons with new friends.

My journey into the fandom of Doctor Who began in the early 90’s when the only place for most Americans to find the Doctor was on public television stations. Upon purchasing a DVD copy of the Tom Baker story Ark in Space many years later, I came to the realization that watching that episode just may be the earliest memory of watching television I have.

My favorite companion is Zoe Heriot played by Wendy Padbury. How can anyone not love a mathematical genius who was not a afraid to give a baddie a hip throw if need be? Plus, Wendy Padbury would later become the agent who discovered a certain actor named Matt who was quite fond of bowties and hats.

An honorable mention goes to Handles, though. Never thought a Cyberman head could hit me straight in what the internet calls “the feels”.

The Caves of Androzani currently sits at the top of my favorite episodes list because it showed us how the Doctor is willing to sacrifice himself for his companions. Not to mention, it finally explained why the Fifth Doctor wore a piece of celery on his jacket.

I am very excited and thankful to join the team here at The Gallifrey Times as a contributing writer. With the filming of Series 8 already underway, there’s going to be a lot to talk about in the coming weeks. After all, Malcom Tucker has the police box now!