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YouGov Doctor Who Poll Verdict: British And Male Is Best

It’s important that the actor chosen to play the next incarnation of the Doctor is British and male, according to the results of a recent survey by respected pollsters YouGov.

The poll of almost 2000 members of the public invited respondents to nominate which qualities they thought were most important in ‘the next Doctor Who’ [sic].  A majority stated that he(!) should be British and male.  Other qualities nominated as important by fewer respondents included: white, English, under 40, heterosexual, attractive, already a household name.

Comment: there’s no evidence to suggest that Steven Moffat and other relevant BBC management are about to cast a woman in the role (or, for that matter, that they take any notice of opinion polls of this nature). Still, these results may be seen as a corrective to the recent spate of speculation.  Seven Doctors have been cast in the role since Tom Baker originally joked about the possibility of a female Doctor in the early 1980s, and they’ve all been male and white.  A change of colour is possibly more likely than a change of gender. Those who have been vocally agitating for a female Doctor should probably prepare themselves for disappointment…
[source: Doctor Who News]