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You’ve Got To Come Out On The Balcony Sometimes and Wave A Tentacle

Hello everyone! I’m Steve and I am a Doctor Who addict. I’m
also the newest edition to TGT, which feeds my addiction well.
Growing up, I remember watching Doctor Who on PBS (yes… I
am a proud American Whovian) with my dad. I don’t recall what my first episode
was but the clearest memories are of a wide eyed Doctor with a long scarf and a
mechanical dog. Being only 31, all the episodes I watched were re-aired but to
me they were new and exciting.
As an adult, finding out they were bringing The
Doctor back I was ecstatic. I had all new adventures to look forward to, and
ones I could share with my kids. I knew I had succeeded in creating new fans
when one day my phone went off and the notification sound was the TARDIS woosh.
Both of my boys came running into the room hoping that I was watching Doctor
. While my family calls Matt Smith their Doctor, deep down I still have a
preference for Tom Baker.
As a writer, one of my favorite ways to experience the
Doctor is by reading the novels. I am gaining a small collection and encourage
you, if you’ve not read any of the wonderful books out there, pick one up and
take a look. If you are like me and have a special place for the Fourth Doctor,
start with Festival of Death.
I look forward to working with this wonderful group at TGT
and the opportunity to be, at least, a small part of the Doctor Who universe.

If you want to know more about me and my ramblings, you can
take a peek at my twitter (@Mr_tattooed_guy) or my personal blog. (