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Zygons Creator: ‘New Doctor Who Not For Children’

The writer who introduced the Zygons to Doctor Who, back in the Tom Baker era, has expressed some reservations about the direction of the current incarnation of the TV programme.

Robert Banks Stewart, who wrote Terror of the Zygons (1975), thinks that ‘I am certain that [the new episodes are] not really written for children.  They contain a lot of elements that are obviously aimed at adults and I’m not sure that I agree with this policy.’

Banks Stewart, who later became famous for his role in creating two TV detective series, Shoestring and Bergerac, also expressed doubts about the funding of BBC drama:

‘Stephen [sic] Moffat is undoubtedly a very fine writer and the production values are terrific, but it seems crazy to me that 50 per cent of BBC drama funds go into the making of Dr Who [sic].’

The comments appear in an interview in Mensa Magazine, the inhouse magazine for members of British Mensa, the high IQ society of whom Banks Stewart’s late wife had been a member.

The Zygons return to Doctor Who in a special 50th anniversary episode, to be shown on 23 November.