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Big Finish Review: Jonah

Review by WhoGirlReviews

Written by Timothy X Atack and released in July 2018, Jonah is the last story in the second series of The Eighth Doctor: The Time War and sees the Doctor, Bliss and the Twelve embark on an underwater adventure into the deepest depths of a mysterious ocean that holds special properties in search of a dark secret.Once again, the series ends on a note unbefitting of such a strong season. Jonah is easily the weakest entry in the box set and I can’t help but feel it’s because of the premise. I imagine someone at Big Finish really really wanted a deep sea adventure where the Doctor can be captain of his own submarine and the rest of the crew can call him Jonah. While a nice piece of fanfiction, it’s not really worth including as your season finale.

Not that this is a bad story, it’s just not nearly as good as the previous entries on the list. Timothy does a great job showcasing how clever the Daleks can be given that energy weapons do not work under water in this story. He comes up with some pretty nifty ideas to raise the stakes, but at the cost of throwing in some typical submarine clichés. If you’ve seen Cold War, you can probably guess what happens.

A real highlight of the story is the differences between being a captain and being a Doctor. Much like a general, a captain is required to make the tough calls and some people ultimately die because of it. There is a really powerful scene in this story where the Doctor is forced into such a decision and without spoiling what happens, I can tell you that it is such an Eighth Doctor thing.

The Twelve doesn’t skip a beat, continuing on strong from the previous chapter. She has regained her memories; all except the one Ollistra is after and is battling with herself. She does go off the rails a bit and it’s mostly to get her out of the Doctor’s way, but Timothy does make up for it by giving the Doctor arguably the funniest line in the entire story. Here’s a hint: It has to do with the Twelve’s singing.

Ollistra is once again pushed into the story because Big Finish can’t control their Jacqueline Pierce boners. As usual, she spouts some nonsense about the Time War and doesn’t do much, but her Major Tamasan carries the load like a champ, turning into the evil warmongering bitch listeners deserve, but not the one we need right now.

The big revelation of what the McGuffin is everyone’s looking for is a bit of a disappointment. It’s played off as this almighty super weapon instrument until you watch Fires of Pompeii and realise Big Finish obviously forgot about that story.