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Doctor Who: Cold War- Review

Doctor Who: Series 7, Episode 9
Cold War

Written by: Mark Gattis 
Directed by: Douglas Mackinnon 
Produced by: Denise Paul and Marcus Wilson 

Executive Producers: Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner

Broadcast Date: Saturday 13th April 2013 at 6:00pm on BBC One

Reviewed by Ryan Denyer for The Gallifrey Times.

This is a post episode review and therefore will contain spoilers. All views on the episode are Ryan’s and not those of The Gallifrey Times.

As explained in last weeks review of The Rings of Akhaten, my thoughts on Series 7 so far is that some have been good and some not so good, but this episode changes everything! Cold War is by far my favourite Doctor Who episode since 2009’s The Waters of Mars. Mark Gatiss delivers are truly brilliant script that is performed brilliantly by all cast members especially our two leads.

Mark Gatiss

All of Mark’s previous scripts have met with a mixed reception but I am sure this one will be loved by all. Whether it be because of the long awaited return of the Ice Warriors, the fantastic CGI or just the amazing chemistry between Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman. Mark’s first script was The Unquiet Dead (2005), this was a brilliant script and one of Series 1’s finest episodes. His next script was The Idiots Lantern (2006) which was also brilliant but didn’t impress critics much. It was then 4 years before he produced another script Victory of the Daleks (2010) which had a brilliant concept and idea but failed to deliver, although I sometimes fell people dislike it just because of the Dalek redesign. Next was Night Terrors (2011) which could be a good script at times but fell apart somewhere in between. So all in all Mark Gattis is a fantastic writer but fails to give us a satisfying conclusion.

But I’m not here to talk about those scripts I’m here to talk about this one. Cold War is, I would say, flawless. We are given a great setting that even when watching the episode you fell slightly claustrophobic and the Ice Warriors look and sound fantastic. They are no longer them monsters that sound s-s-ssily or look plasticy. They are now believable monsters that spook you out to the core. This is what Doctor Who should be! You should have monsters making you want to run and hide behind the sofa and this episode accomplishes it fantastically!

The Perfect Team

Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman show more of their great chemistry in this episode and it really does feel like they were made for each other. They play off of each other great and Clara seems brave and willing to do anything the Doctor doesn’t want to, she’s her own person and the perfect companion to him. Matt’s comedy timing is shown a couple of times within the episode and that’s always fun.

More from the Ice Warriors?

The supporting cast are all so great as well that I can’t pick just one person who stood out for me. Clara was shown to get on well with the Professor who had great comedic timing and sometimes you felt sorry for, for no apparent reason.

The ending to the story was nice leaving it open for the Ice Warriors to appear in future stories, hopefully written by Gatiss who we all know by now has a passion for them. I am now egarly awaiting Mark’s story next year (not confirmed yet but come one, he’s got to now hasn’t he) and I for one wouldn’t mind if he took over the reigns from Moffat in a few years to come, many would disagree but I would be more than happy to see him do it. I feel the quality of stories would be stronger than ever as he would know what he wants, discuss who you’d like to see as show runner in the comments!
Now  next week it’s time for Hide by Neil Cross, the story I’m least anticipating out of the whole of Series 7 Part 2, not sure why yet I just am.

Ryan’s Rating: 10/10