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Doctor Who: Death in Heaven – Spoiler-Free Reviews Round Up

This Saturday sees series eight conclude with an hour long finale, Death in Heaven – and while we won’t be doing our own spoiler-free review or teasers this week, reviews have begun to trickle out for the series finale.

We’ll be rounding up all the spoiler-free reviews of the finale here, updating it as more come in. You can click on the links for the full reviews:

Radio Times

Steven Moffat presents one of his boldest, most exhilarating and peculiarly touching episodes. An excellent, deeply satisfying season finale. 

Den of Geek

There’s a lot to dissect in Death In Heaven, and considering how little we can say here, we almost abandoned the plan to do a spoiler-free reaction this time. But given the fears that many have, if you’ve enjoyed Doctor Who series 8, then it ends very much with its head held high.

Wales Online

Dark, brooding and brilliant, it’s in my all time favourite top 10 Doctor Who episodes. It’s got everything you ever wanted for an ending, and so much more.

Warped Factor

You might think you already have some kind of grasp where it’s going…chances are you don’t. It’s a very serious story, but there are more lighter moments than in Dark Water, and they blend together very well.

There Goes The Day 

In many ways this is Moffat at his most cruel: manic-plotting, bursting beloved balloons, yanking fandom-forged chains, ignoring what doesn’t suit him and getting you out from behind the sofa and yelling at the screen…

Spoiler TV

Petty quibbles aside though, I still feel this is one of the best finales the show has had, it’s an emotional story that’s explored loyalty, love, betrayal, trust, death and hope over the course of both episodes. 

Outpost Skaro

For once, too, we don’t have a temporal anomaly to fall back on when it comes to dénouements so we get a straightforward action adventure, albeit one with a bit of brains behind it.

Doctor Who TV

If you thought last week’s episode was dark, it was just the appetiser. This might prove another slightly controversial episode for its further exploration of grim themes, with plenty of unsettling moments and overall bleak tone. There’s the odd bit of humour, but for a good 75% of the episode it’s about as far away from family friendly drama as Doctor Who is likely to get. 

Watch this space for more reviews as we get closer to the finale on Saturday at 8pm.