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Doctor Who: The Gallifrey Times Team Reviews Deep Breath!

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Deep Breath.

From next week, The Gallifrey Times will be writing spoiler-free previews of Series 8 – but for those who want a spoiler-filled review of episodes, we’ll be collecting some of our team’s thoughts on the episodes and posting them as a series of mini-reviews each Sunday!

Last night saw the debut of the Twelfth Doctor in Deep Breath – but did Peter Capaldi’s first episode live up to the hype? The Gallifrey Times team explain…

Tom (Editor)

Wow, where to start!? Capaldi was absolutely brilliant as The Doctor, a fantastic mix of comedy, darkness, confusion and madness! Jenna also brought a feistier Clara which we haven’t really seen before, I’m starting to feel we’re really getting to know what she’s really like now! As for the plot, although it wasn’t the strongest (it never is in a debut episode), I did feel engaged throughout the episode with the help of comedy from The Paternoster Gang! If I had to choose one thing I didn’t like in Deep Breath, it would be Strax’s sometimes not funny jokes, I feel that he is becoming too much of a comedy character and that’s deriving from what Sontarans are really like! All in all, a great first appearance by Capaldi and I’m excited to see where it goes from here!

Louis (Assistant Editor)

Deep Breath had a lot of high expectations riding on it – and it just about managed to match them. Despite a confused and awkward first act, the episode soon grows into a compelling and thrilling adventure by the conclusion – despite the relatively dull clockwork droid villains, the Half Face Man still proved to be an effective first antagonist for the new Doctor. Speaking of the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi nailed his first episode, and proved that yes, he really is poised to be one of the all-time greats if his good work continues. With an intriguing new arc set up and some proper character development for Clara, Deep Breath is a solid if unexceptional start to a new era.

Owen (TGT writer)

Deep Breath ultimately recreates Doctor Who in an sophisticated yet hilarious manner. The tone in the episode ranges from incredibly witty to scarily dark. From the opener of the series, we can tell Capaldi is going to new heights in the Doctors personality, his character in this episode taking matters into darker hands with slight confusion. “Sorry it’s my new hands, I can’t tell them apart!”

Steven (TGT writer)

With a “Shush” and a very confused re-introduction to his old friends, the Doctor returns to us, but in a much different incarnation. Gone is the suave, young man. Now we have a sharp older man with “attack eyebrows” Along with getting a handle on his new form, the Doctor must figure out who is harvesting body parts in London. All the while Clara must come to terms with a Doctor she isn’t used to. Deep Breath is a fantastic start to both a new series and a new Doctor; one I look forward to many adventures with.

Ben (TGT writer)

I was still dubious about Capaldi as the new Doctor, but this episode won me over.  Although there were a few disappointments – like the new screechy theme – it was a very enjoyable episode. Strax was on top form and there were a lot of funny moments to balance out the darker tone. I can’t wait for the rest of the series

Suman (TGT writer)

Deep Breath marks a definite shift in tone both for the show and the Doctor himself. Capaldi’s performance ranges from slapstick humour to intense darkness, all portrayed with great skill and conviction. A promising debut, but we – and Clara – clearly still have much to discover about the Timelord’s latest incarnation.

Our spoiler-free preview of Into the Dalek will be up mid-week, and our team’s spoiler-filled review will be up next Sunday!