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Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1 Comic (July 2014) Review

It can be wonderful to explore all of time and space at the Doctor’s side, but the universe can also be a dark and dangerous place – as the Doctor’s most recent companion, Donna Noble, found to her cost. Forced to leave her behind, the Doctor has since been wandering alone.
But no matter how far he travels, or how long, something always brings him back to Earth…

Titan Comics are launching two titles featuring the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. The first of the new Tenth Doctor adventures takes place shortly after the Doctor lost companion Donna Noble (series 4).

The story opens with an introduction to the Doctor’s newest friend and next companion, Gabrielle, a rebellious girl who gets a big surprise in the local laundromat. This being a multi-part story, we are given a very detailed introduction to Gabrielle’s life and get a good feel of her character. However, this means that the Doctor does not appear until 12 pages in, which felt a bit too long for me as the focus was too heavy on the ‘soap opera’ life of Gabrielle and the action didn’t really get started until the last couple of pages.
The character of the Doctor is well portrayed by writer Nick Abadzis, with a good effort to keep the style of language and a pretty good visual likeness. In our first view of him in this series of comics, the Tenth Doctor focusses on his love of nonsensical technology, reprising his Pythonesque ‘machine that goes ding’ as seen in episodes like Blink and Day of the Doctor.
We also get a brief introduction to the story’s monster, a giant hairy zombie-like creature who seems intent on destroying Gabrielle. As usual the Doctor is on hand, ready to leave us with an exciting cliffhanger that leaves you wanting to know who the monster is and how the Doctor and Gabrielle escape. The art is sublime, with a mixture of detailed portraits, faceless wide shots and a bit of mixed-media with the sky. 
We are also treated to a ‘mini strip’ featuring the Titan range of figures, in this case a Sontaran doing a stand-up routine. Although a promising premise, the droll humour and blatant advertising push lets the comic down in my opinion. 
In summary, the first Tenth Doctor comic is an interesting read, which, although Doctor-lite and slow paced, sets the series up for an exciting run with a new companion, new monster. A promising start, with hopefully 
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This comic gets released on July 23rd and you can pre-order it here!
The Gallifrey Times Rating: 7/10
Thanks to Titan Comics for providing an advance copy for review.