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Review: The Doctor Who Book Guide

The Doctor Who Book Guide – compiled by Chris Stone, published by Long Scarf Publications (2013).

You have to hand it to Doctor Who fan and collector Chris
Stone. The task of compiling a definitive list of every piece of Whovian
literature ever published is a daunting one, but with the unauthorised ‘The Doctor Who Book
Guide’ it’s one he’s managed with aplomb. The guide is dazzlingly
comprehensive, aiming to catalogue both fiction and non-fiction and taking in
everything from the Classic adventures of the 1960s right through to colouring
books and production guides.
Most impressive of all, Chris Stone has not only listed in
order every book released, but also taken the time to catalogue each edition
and reprint with handy tips for how to identify each one, as well as
identifying at the start of each chapter which are particularly rare and good
for collectors to try to track down.
The guide has a section for collectors to tick off the books
in their collection, as well as space at the end of each section to write in by
hand any future releases to keep the guide up to date. For the casual collector
it might be a little too comprehensive, but for the avid collector who wants to
keep track of their progress it’s a must.
Available to purchase on eBay UK.