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Review of Doctor Who Infinity The Horror of Flat Holm

Review by Suzanne

Fifth story of “Doctor Who Infinity”, “The Horror of Flat Holm” is, in my opinion, one of the strongest stories from the game, and definitely worth playing. It remains stuck in my head as one of my favourite “Doctor Who Infinity” story (and gaming experience)!

Kind warning: this review contains spoilers of the story!

“The Horror of Flat Holm” is a U.N.I.T. cyber story two in two time periods as both a Fourth Doctor story and a modern era Osgood/Kate story.

Written by Mike Collins, drawn by Patrick Goddard, coloured by John-Paul Bov, it’s narrated by Ingrid Oliver and Richard Franklin with a cameo from Nick Briggs himself!

The visual arts

I’ve always loved comic books so it will come as no surprise that I particularly enjoyed the visual arts. They actually help a lot being hooked by the story. The Doctor pointing out to Flat Holm Island was breathtaking (so much in fact that I almost missed taking a caption!), as I didn’t expect such a strong picture.

The drawing and colouring are as dark as the story, and the speech bubbles inside the artwork truly add to the tension that can be felt from the story.

The story

Set both in the past and the present, “The Horror of Flat Holm” is truly amazing as we witness events set years apart and yet strongly linked to each other as well as to the main characters. The story flows very well, going back and forth in time, leaving the player anxious to discover what ultimately happened in Flat Holm Island.

As a Whovian, I’m always looking for some good references, and I wasn’t disappointed with “The Horror of Flat Holm”. Those who have watched the classic era will be happy to know there are some references to past stories such as “Terror of the Zygons” or “The Invasion” (well, I believe it was that episode, but truth be told, I should rewatch Classic Who to be certain!). But New Who isn’t forgotten either, and I almost went all emotional again when Osgood mentioned the Twelfth Doctor.

The voice acting

Having Ingrid Oliver and Richard Franklin as well as Nick Briggs taking part of the story certainly turned “The Horror of Flat Holm” into one powerful story! Trust me when I say that you would occasionally forget you’re playing a game and not watching a Doctor Who episode. The voice actors certainly did a wonderful job at conveying the atmosphere of both a Classic and New Era episode. Also, the background music is very fitting, and helps build a tense atmosphere matching the story.

The gameplay

Like in the other stories, the game never repeats itself and while some of the boards are pretty easy to pass, others are a bit trickier, but you still get the choice to skip the board after a few failed attempts. I really enjoyed the variety of boards that were contributing to increase the tension and sense of urgency throughout the story.

In conclusion

“The Horror of Flat Holm” is definitely one of my favourite Doctor Who Infinity stories. It’s intricate, thrilling and challenging. The visual arts, the voice acting and the gameplay are perfectly balanced, turning this story into a very powerful one. One you wouldn’t want to miss!


“The Horror of Flat Holm” is available on Steam and mobile.


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