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Review of Doctor Who Infinity The Silent Streets of Barry Island

Review by Suzanne

Fans have been expecting the next stories of “Doctor Who Infinity” with great impatience and yes, I count myself among them! Needless to say it was worth the wait, and it felt very good to immerse myself in an all new Doctor Who audio-visual-gaming story. 

Let me begin with a kind warning: this review contains spoilers of the story!

“The Silent Streets of Barry Island” is an Eleventh Doctor adventure featuring Amy and Rory through Mods n Rockers era to the Welsh destination of Barry Island.
It is written by Jacqueline Rayner, drawn by Emma Vieceli, coloured by Kris Carter and narrated by Steffan Rhodri.

The visual arts

There is a cat! (Everyone knows cats are important for Eleven, right?)

The visual arts match the story quite well, the drawings and the colouring serving the atmosphere of the story to perfection. I quite enjoyed the way the visual arts completed the story as told by Ted, and how it helped me immerse myself completely in the story.

The story

Told by Ted, the owner of the fish and chips shop, the story brings us to the year 1966 in Barry Island, where mysterious deaths and disappearances occur. The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rori need to blend in and solve the mystery, while dealing with Rockers and Mods rivalry. If you miss Eleven, Amy and Rori, this story is definitely for you, since it’s a great reminder of this Doctor’s era! There is a lot of humour throughout the story, such as the trying-on session, or Amy changing clothes on each scene.

Eleven is as funny and witty as in the show, and I could easily picture this story as an episode. His new companions were given new names (Elvis, Twiggy), which is not only a trait of his character, but which also acts as a narrative way to bring the story to its stunning conclusion (aka the Easter Egg the team of Tiny Rebel Games teased about). I honestly didn’t see it coming, and this was just the perfect icing on the cake!

The voice acting

Steffan Rhodri does a brilliant job at portraying Ted and before you know it, you find yourself in Barry Island… As always, the voice acting is material for some great audiobook, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since Steffan Rhodri guest-starred in quite a number of Doctor Who audiobooks!

The gameplay

The variety of games within the story makes the game quite fun to play as you will need to do a lot of different actions, such as fixing the light of a sign, chopping potatoes or racing Mods! The game never repeats itself and I really enjoyed the balance between easy boards and not so easy ones. Some of them were quite challenging, and still are since I didn’t manage to solve all of them. But like the previous stories, you’re given the choice to skip the board after a few failed attempts, which allows you to continue the story. This is really something I appreciate, because as much as I enjoy the game, I equally enjoy the story, and it’s always a bit frustrating to get stuck when you want to know what happens in the next chapter!

In conclusion

“The Silent Streets of Barry Island” is one refreshing story that will really make you in the mood to listen to some 60s rock n’ roll! It was really entertaining, with a great atmosphere, but let’s face it, the ending is simply a mind blower!


Doctor Who Infinity is available on Steam and mobile.


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