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TARDIS Type 40 Instruction Manual review

“My entire understanding of physical space has been transformed!” the Twelfth Doctor exclaimed upon entering the TARDIS in The Husbands of River Song, “Three-dimensional Euclidean geometry has been torn up, thrown in the air and snogged to death! My grasp of the universal constants of physical reality has been changed forever.”

This brand new book gives us the biggest insight to the Doctor’s glorious and most powerful ship in the universe the BBC released this book to coincide with the reveal of the new TARDIS and what a book it is! Its one of the books that appeals to all fans of the show no matter how old or young, it’s illustrations are beautiful and fascinating along with the detail put into describing each console, gadget and even problem with the ship!

The book is made for the fans by the fans a fun read and strangely does fill up some of the smallest plot holes and questions you didn’t know you needed answering about the TARDIS such as what happens to paint that is applied to the outer shell and as to why each TARDIS console changes. The illustrations and diagrams of each TARDIS console is intricate and detailed right down to its core, which provides for a very interesting read. It goes through every console used by each Doctor straight up to Whittaker’s brand new TARDIS even showing us what Missy’s TARDIS would of looked like! the book goes so much into detail that even I had trouble keeping up with it! It feels like such a book would exist on Gallifrey for the Doctor to read (And throw into a supernova) as it’s worded as a real instruction manual rather than a behind the scenes look at the Doctor’s trusted TARDIS.

The book is cut down into 11 sections and names the “real world” events case studies for example, what happens in series 7 episode Journey To The Centre of The TARDIS is named “The Magno-Grab Incident” or series 6 episode The Doctor’s Wife is named “The Idris Incident” and so on… These events are described rather than in a description of the episode or scene its shown as a scientific study of what the Doctor did and what to do if this situation were to happen to the reader of this book.

Some sections include the desktop themes, the TARDIS key, the force fields and even invalidating the warranty! Each section gets more and more interesting to read and has plently of references new and old to the series and does a great job keeping fans alike entertained whilst learning more and more about the Doctor’s most trusted ship maybe even considered as a constant companion to her!

I’d love to keep going about what is in the book and what it has in store but i’d rather let you read it yourself and not spoil the whole book, the cover is simplistic and rather gorgeous. The attention to detail is wonderful and you can see that the people who made this book are just huge fans of the show, I couldn’t recommend this book enough to people who love the details put into the show and how much more there is to the most key part of the show!

Doctor Who: TARDIS Type 40 Instruction Manual is now available to buy from Amazon and Waterstones now for £14.99 or $19.99