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The TGT Team pick their scariest villains

Since it’s Halloween, a night filled with spooky monsters, we’ve been chatting amongst ourselves over which Doctor Who villains scare us.

Whether it’s hiding behind the sofa from the Daleks or covering your eyes from the Cybermen, the show has a history of being scary. There have been many aliens, robots and creatures in the show that have frightened us, but here’s our top picks…

Ben – The Empty Child

Bit of trivia for you: The Empty Child is the only episode ever to have given me nightmares. In fact, it took 3 years for me to pluck up the courage to watch The Doctor Dances. For some reason, that young boy in the gas mask terrified me. I think it’s the juxtaposition of a young child looking for his mother that you want to help and cuddle, but you can’t because if he touches you, you become like him. That and the emotionless gas masks that evoke imagery of war and death.

It didn’t help that the day after I watched The Empty Child, I was at swimming and there was a young blonde kid in massive goggles wandering around crying “Mommy! Where are you mommy?”

Suzanne – Kantrofarri

There can be no scarier than… the Kantrofarri (aka Dream Crabs). They are a tribute to the scary Xenomorph (from ‘Alien’), and we all recall those things jumping on people’s faces!

A creature jumping on your face to eat off your brain… how much scarier can it get? Well, they can trap you in multiple layers of dreams, making it almost impossible for you to escape. Even scarier: the Doctor himself is not immune to them!

So… are you sure you are awake? Are you sure you are not dreaming, while a Kantrofarri is attached to your face, quietly eating your brain on this Halloween day?

WhoGirlReviews – The Kandyman

There can be no scarier than… The Kandyman!

A monster made of sweets, with those hypnotic swirly eyes… it’s just terrifying.

Andrew – Davros

Probably my first true awareness of Doctor Who was looking over my older brother’s shoulder as he watched Tom Baker’s Doctor. The episode must have been about the Daleks, and I remember their boss being this hideous green, rotting, zombie, skeletal head aka DAVROS – honestly nothing felt scarier for a long time to come… except maybe the next Davros episode!

Ifan – Clockwork Droids

I remember watching Girl in the Fireplace as a child, and the first scene of the Clockwork droid terrified me. I watched it again when I was older and the concept of using human parts to repair a ship still spooked me a bit.

Louis – the premise of Extremis

No, not the Truth Monks, who became steadily less scary until they were defeated by love in The Lie of the Land. I mean the dark, dark premise of Extremis, in which a perfectly functioning world falls apart at the seams after discovering it’s an artificial construction in which life, and death, have no meaning other than the meaning given to them by monsters, and where a painful suicide might just be preferable to continued existence.

More so than any creepy monster the show has served up, it’s this existential nightmare that’s most likely to keep me up at night. I’m not sure how Moffat got this one past the BBC, but I’m either glad, or horrified, that he did.