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torchwood future pain

Torcwhood: God Among Us – Future Pain review

Written by James Goss and released in October 2018, Future Pain is the first episode of the first box set of Torchwood: God Among Us, also known as Torchwood, Series 6. The series carries on a few days after Aliens Among us and opens with a death and the consequences of being alive working for Torchwood.

Just a quick note, while I’ll not to give away any major spoilers, unfortunately there are some spoilerly elements I have to talk about otherwise this review will end up sounding super vague. So please make sure you’ve listened to Aliens Among Us first.

So the first episode has the Torchwood team, minus Gwen Cooper attending the funeral of Mr Colchester. Yup, he’s dead. Seems he died at the end of Aliens Among Us. Future Pain deals with that loss in the same way that Afterlife did with Hex’s passing. Every character reacts differently to the issue and it’s a good way of showing us the chinks in everyone’s armour.

Colin, Colchester’s husband is at the forefront of this grieve and the dialogue is really good, showcasing a realistic take on someone who has just lost the most important person in their life. Jack Harkness has been around for so long, he’s ‘good’ at funerals now and that scares him. Tyler Steele proves he’s just as big of a dick by only attending the funeral because he’s homeless and needs to stuff his pocket with free food, Yvonne Hartman doesn’t do well with death and would rather use saving the world as an excuse to avoid it. Orr has perhaps the best reaction to death. As a psychic sex alien, she’s in awe that people can gather around and not have shagging on the brain.

There is an alien subplot here, two actually. The first sees Yvonne Hartman investigating the so called ‘god’ that the Sorvix are terrified of, using Ro-Jetta as an information hub. Jack is also hunting aliens, seemingly cut off from Torchwood, but this plot thread doesn’t mesh up well with the Funeral sub plot. Goss tries to tie it all together, but only two thirds end up sticking.

The most surprising character in all of this is N-G, the alien that was possessing Gwen Cooper’s body for most of the fifth series. She’s still around and I must say I enjoy how they’re tying her into the ‘God Among Us’ story arc this season. It sounds like it’s going to be great. I should also mention that Alexandria Riley who plays N-G sounds uncannily like EveMyles. So much so that I kept thinking that it was Eve Myles playing a different role. All through the box set.